Dual Extruder Isis One 3D Printer

Isis One

Introducing the world's most advanced 3D printer under $10,000.

We've bridged the gap between consumer and pro. With precision-aligned dual extruders for soluble support, professional grade print quality, an enormous 300 x 300 x 225 mm build volume, dynamic bed leveling, and exceptional reliability, the redesigned Isis One is the 3D printer you've been waiting for.




Gyroid by Dizingof printed on a dual extruder Isis One



Soluble Support. Finally.

This changes everything.

The Isis One sets a new standard for desktop 3D printers. A second precision-aligned extruder lays down automatically generated water-soluble support structures, allowing you to produce objects of even the highest complexity without constraint. Quickly create sophisticated and realistic prototypes in house, make art of unprecedented complexity, or print out museum-grade replicas of objects that no longer need to merely sit behind glass. Whatever your field of endeavor, the Isis One gives you powerful capabilities you've never had before.

Dynamic Bed Leveling

Dynamic Bed Leveling.

Load up the bed. Perfect adhesion, every time.

Already boasting the largest print volume in its class 300 x 300 x 225 mm, the Isis One now employs a dynamic bed leveling system to ensure consistently perfect first layers across the entire expanse of the bed. At the beginning of each print, the printer automatically measures and compensates for the actual plane of the print surface, meaning you never have to level the bed. And with its borosilicate glass print bed heated all the way to the corners, objects stick securely for the whole duration of the print.

The Best Printhead Ever.

Dual feed wheels on each extruder command superlative filament control and eliminate jams.

When we set about to design a dual extruder printhead with precisely adjustable nozzles, we took the opportunity to fix everything that was wrong with 3D printer extruders. Our custom machined geared extruder delivers 135 N cm of torque (three times the industry standard) through two brass feed wheels that bite into either side of the filament, guaranteeing that it will never slip or strip. The incredible amount of torque allows us to use a very small melt chamber, giving the Isis One extremely tight control over the amount of plastic put out, eliminating ooze and stringing, and allowing sustained standard 150 mm/s infill speeds. Excellent passive heat gradient control precludes jamming, and the printhead's nozzles are easy to swap in the event of a clog.


Rigorously Engineered for Reliability

Print without drama.

The Isis One is an exceptionally reliable 3D printer. Thousands of hours of unyielding engineering have paid off, resulting in a machine with a better than 95% success rate, far above the industry average. Enjoy freedom from the usual 3D printer afflictions: objects never delaminate, filament never jams, steps are never lost, and dynamic bed leveling ensures consistently perfect first layers. Print giant objects or whole plates of smaller ones- even on multi-day prints, the Isis One won't disappoint.

LCD Smart Controller

LCD Smart Controller for Standalone Printing

The Isis One is equipped with an LCD smart controller so that it doesn't need to monopolize your computer while it prints. Just slice your model and save the GCode file to the included 4 gb SD card, pop it in the printer, and off you go. Standalone printing means that you can easily set up a whole fleet of Isis One printers for short or even medium run production in house.

Powerful, easy to use software

A license for the full version of KISSlicer is included with each purchase. A powerful piece of software that can slice even the most complicated models quickly, KISSlicer's easy to use interface allows you to preview your models as they will be on the print bed, as well as rotate and move them. A fantastic support generating algorithm produces support material that prints efficiently and quickly.

Ships Ready to Print

Fully assembled, fully calibrated, fully tested. With crucial slicer settings already dialed in and a license for KISSlicer Pro, you'll be up and printing in no time. The Isis One also ships with a 1 kg spool of white PLA filament, a 0.5 kg spool of water-soluble PVA filament, a quick start guide, and a few tools just in case.

Dedicated Technical Support

We go out of our way to engineer all the bugs out, but we realize this by itself is not enough. We want owning an Isis One to be an excellent experience, so when things do go wrong, we bend over backwards to get you up and running again as soon as possible. If you run into trouble, just drop us a line.