Isis One Features

Birdcages on the Isis One.

We've bridged the

gap between

consumer and pro.

The 3D printer you've been waiting for is here.


Fully professional print quality for a fraction of what it used to cost. Unprecedented reliability. Production grade, inexpensive thermoplastic. Incredible support material. Powerful and easy to use software included with your printer. All to help you invent, iterate, and fabricate better than ever.



Twisted Bottle 3D printed on the Isis One

Flawless layer stacking

We tested everything and got it just right.


Linear motion. Solved.
The most important factor in print quality is how exactly the printer can stack one layer on top of another. Because layer stacking is largely dependent on the machine's linear motion systems, we concentrated much of our research and development efforts here, extensively testing more than a dozen options. We're proud to present the Isis One's rod-based linear motion system which achieves solid, smooth, and quiet travel down the entire length of all three axes. Strong, 12 mm precision-ground hardened steel rod gives the system more than enough stability with next to no slop, and self-aligning teflon filled acetal bearings are super quiet and resist wear over thousands of hours. Finally, both the X and Y systems feature a carefully designed float mechanism to prevent binding while maintaining rigidity.

Z wobble absorption spring.
By using a floating leadscrew nut design, the Isis One eliminates Z wobble, an often overlooked phenomenon that in other printers causes a vertical banding pattern in the printed object. The printed spring that holds the leadscrew nut allows it to flex slightly in the X and Y planes, absorbing wobble perpendicular to the direction of travel, while communicating movement in the Z axis with perfect fidelity. It's an easy fix to a small problem, but one we took care not to neglect.

20 Micron Positional Accuracy.
Excellent positional repeatability is vital to good layer stacking, and the Isis One achieves this with an extremely quiet GT2 belt drive system. Designed for fast and lightweight linear motion systems where precision is crucial, GT2 belts and pulleys feature rounded teeth that completely eliminate backlash and provide 20 micron positional accuracy. Made of neoprene and fiberglass, the belts neither stretch nor slip, while the high-torque 20 tooth pulleys communicate the motors' force powerfully, preventing skipped steps.

Learn more about the design of the Isis One.



Print in strong, production grade thermoplastic on the Isis One desktop 3D printer

Print in production grade thermoplastic

Mechanically functional parts from inexpensive, non-proprietary material.

Actual plastic. Not photoresin, not wax, not plaster.
Unlike many of its high end competitors with comparable print quality, the Isis One prints in standard thermoplastics, not the photopolymers that SLA and polyjet matrix machines use, and not the sugar-and-plaster based powders used by inkjet powderbed machines. This means that you can make mechanically functional parts, and that prototypes you print will be nearly identical to their injection molded final draft versions. It also means that you can use the Isis One to build final parts, either one-off or on a short run production basis.

Print in a variety of materials.
The Isis One officially supports PLA, which adheres perfectly to the bed and doesn't jam the hot end. A corn-derived bioplastic, PLA is slightly more rigid than ABS, and resists cracking and warping. Non-toxic and biodegradable (though not water soluble), it produces no offensive fumes while printing and thus can be printed without ventilation or other precautions. With some modifications, the Isis One can also print in ABS, nylon, laywoo-d3, and polycarbonate.

Plastic costs $40/kg, no more.
The Isis One achieves its fabulous print quality with standard, generic 3 mm filament, inexpensively available from a plethora of sources in any color you can imagine, retail or wholesale. If you choose our very high grade filament, we'll give you a great price--currently $40/kg (including free shipping with in the US), several times less expensive than other printers' materials. We keep our profit margin deliberately low on filament, because we want to sell printers. The Isis One is a tremendously useful machine, and we don't want to undermine its value by gouging customers on consumables.


Breakaway support material that works.

Print literally any geometry.

A velociraptor skull in support material printed on the Isis One.


No limits.
The Isis One can print absolutely anything. With automatically generated breakaway support material--removable scaffolding that allows the printing of unsupported features--it is possible to print any geometry at all. The Isis One can print prototypes of injection molded parts, elaborate mechanical systems, sculptures, 3D scans, and really anything you can come up with. If you can design it, the Isis One can print it.

Easy to use and remove.
When the print is complete, the support material is simply broken away. KISSlicer Pro's algorithm uses sparse support structures coupled with more complete interface layers to use a minimum of additional material. Interface layers provide increased support but snap off easily, leaving the printed surface undamaged. And, the support material is the same as the print material, meaning that the system is simple, reliable, and requires no additional consumables.





The most advanced

print bed currently


Lightweight, elegant, and always level. Perfect adhesion, every time.


Uninterrupted 300 x 300 mm glass print surface.
Not only does the Isis One offer one of the largest print beds on the market, it offers the best engineered. The evenly-heated glass bed requires no corner clips, allowing full use of its enormous 300 x 300 mm print area. A full-size kapton heater heats the bed quickly and evenly, and prevents the glass from warping or bowing.


Bed never needs leveling.
We're still kind of in awe of ourselves for pulling this off. The Isis One's print bed is leveled once at the factory and so rigid it never requires adjustment again, saving you one of the most inconvenient, bothersome, and difficult steps in the entire field of 3D printing. Our bed is greatly simplified, reducing its weight and substantially increasing its rigidity, leading to faster and better quality prints than you'll get from any other machine.

Print straight to glass with no warping or delamination, ever.
Bed adhesion was a difficult problem to solve, but solve it we did with a simple coat of hairspray on the heated glass bed. Load up the print bed with everything you can fit, start the print, and walk away, knowing that nothing will come unstuck. No corners will lift. And when you're done, your prints will come off easily. We've done away with the need for blue tape or Kapton tape as well, allowing you to print PLA straight to the glass bed.



Slicing the Eiffel Tower with KISSlicer PRO, included with the Isis One desktop 3D printer

Powerful, easy to use software.

Ships standard with KISSlicer PRO.

The best slicing software currently available.
The Isis One ships with a pre-calibrated copy of KISSlicer PRO, a powerful piece of software that can slice even the most complicated models quickly. Its easy to use interface allows you to preview your models as they will be on the print bed, as well as rotate and move them. A fantastic support generating algorithm produces support material that is efficient and a breeze to remove with your hands and simple tools.

Ships set to print.
Months of research and development taught us that software and firmware settings are just as important as mechanical design. Print speeds, acceleration settings, temperature and cooling settings, and extrusion and retract settings, among other factors, make a huge difference between success and failure, pristine prints and slightly sloppy ones. We've gone through dozens of kilograms of plastic optimizing the Isis One's settings, so as to give excellent print quality without sacrificing speed. The result? You don't need to mess with settings to get terrific results! Of course, the Isis One is an open source printer, so you can tinker to your heart's content to make our settings better still or optimize the printer for your specific application.



LCD Smart Controller for Standalone printing.

No computer necessary. No cables attached.


The Isis One's LCD Smart Controller allows you to print without a computer.

Print from an SD card.
The Isis One is equipped with an LCD smart controller so that it doesn't need to monopolize your computer while it prints. Just slice your model and save the GCode file to the included 4 gb SD card, pop it in the printer, and off you go. The LCD screen also provides you with temperature and status readouts (even if you're printing from your PC or Mac), and provides you with a means of controlling the printer and adjusting speed, temperatures, and firmware settings on the fly.

Start your own printer farm.
Standalone printing means that you can easily set up a whole fleet of Isis One printers for short or even medium run production in house. Why outsource production when you can quickly and easily print high quality thermoplastic parts at your own facility? With plastic filament that costs just $40/kilo, and less still in wholesale quantities, 3D printing is becoming an increasingly attractive option for production.



Budaschnozzle hotend: the best around.
The Isis One comes standard with the Budaschnozzle, the best hotend (the part which melts and deposits plastic) on the market. Originally designed by Lulzbot, the Budaschnozzle is famous for its stability, smooth high speed laydown, and trouble free operation. It requires no cooling fan and will never jam, even when printing infill at 200 mm/s. We've equipped it with a 40 watt cartridge heater, which permits it to heat to temperature in two minutes flat. You won't find a better hotend anywhere.

The lightweight, precise extruder of the Isis One desktop 3D printer.

Lightweight, precise gearbox extruder.
The Isis One features a custom designed extruder with a gearbox Nema 11 stepper motor to drive 3 mm filament precisely and quickly. Faster than printing with 1.75 mm filament, it allows smooth, reliable lay down and is robust enough for quick retraction to prevent oozing. Changing filament is as simple as loosening the thumbscrews and loading a new spool.

The Isis One features a dedicated bed cooling fan for fasting cycle time.

Dedicated bed fan cuts cycle time dramatically.
Heating up fast matters, but cooling down fast matters too. The Isis One has a dedicated 80 mm cooling fan beneath the print bed that is automatically activated when your print finishes, dramatically accelerating the process of bed cooling. This means that you can pop your finished part off a mere three minutes after completion.

The Isis One is licensed with a creative commons non-commercial license.

Open source, done right.
The Isis One is simultaneously open source and a project seen through to completion. It is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, meaning that we are releasing all of our drawings, STLs, and our bill of materials to the open source community to do with what it will. Source files may be downloaded from