Isis One Desktop 3D Printer

The Isis One is an open source desktop 3D printer with superior print quality, reliability, and speed. It is the first and only RepRap to have been relentlessly engineered to achieve professional grade print quality at high speed, all without tinkering, calibration, or drama. With its unprecedented resolution and massive build volume, the Isis One is an affordable and accessible desktop 3D printer that empowers engineers, designers, architects, and hobbyists alike to prototype, create, and produce faster and better than ever before.

Learn more about the features and design of the Isis One. The Isis One is manufactured in Chicago.

Pre-order Sale! The first batch of Isis One desktop 3D printers will ship after a 6-8 week pre-order period. For orders placed during this time, shipping is FREE to the continental United States and Canada.

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$2,199.00 USD