Isis One Tech Specs

Build area: 300 x 300 x 225 mm (12 x 12 x 9 in)
Build volume: 20,250 cm³
Number of extruders: 2
Infill / inner perimeter print speed: 150 mm/s with 350 μm nozzle
Outer perimeter print speed: 20 mm/s
Acceleration: 1000 mm/s²
Filament size: 1.75 mm
Supported materials*: PLA, PVA soluble support
Build platform: Heated borosilicate glass, 120ºC max temperature, with dynamic bed leveling
X/Y resolution (nominal): 20 μm
Layer thickness: 200 - 50 μm with 350 μm nozzle
Minimum feature size: 500 μm
Nozzle diameter: 350 μm

Electronics: RAMBo
Power requirement: 100-240 VAC (power cord included)
Printer dimensions (frame): 406 x 560 x 510 mm (16 x 22 x 20 in)
Add 230 mm (9") for spool holders - X axis; add 76 mm (3") for LCD console - Y axis.
Power supply unit: 24 V, 15 A

Connectivity: 4 GB SD card (included), USB (cord provided, optional alternative)
Firmware: Marlin (preloaded and calibrated)
Slicing software: KISSlicer PRO (included); supports Mac, Windows, and Linux. Also compatible with Slic3r.

The Isis One ships fully assembled, calibrated, tested, and ready to print right out of the box! All you have to do is attach spool holders and filament guides, and print a preloaded test pattern to correctly set the first layer thickness, which often comes out of kilter during shipment. No other assembly or calibration is necessary, and no settings need to be adjusted to optimize print quality. See our support documentation for more information on getting started.