At last! An FAQs page based on real FAQs!

How much does it cost?

Why does it say the Isis One is currently unavailable?
We're currently working on outsourcing our manufacturing process and will resume taking orders once the transition is complete.

Do I need to order filament with the printer?
This depends on how much you want. We'll send you a sample 1 kg spool of white PLA to get you started, as well as a starter 0.5 kg spool of PVA soluble filament. You can order more from us or elsewhere either when you order your printer, or later.

You say you only support PLA when everybody else lists ABS and a gazillion other materials as well. What's the deal?
Although the Isis One has a heated bed, no 3D printer can truly support plastics such as ABS and polycarbonate without a heated build chamber, whose implementation is prohibited by Stratasys' patent US6722872. Such plastics printed at room temperature, even with a heated bed, will be subject severe internal stresses that will result in warping and cracking. Although small parts will likely work fine, larger ones will fail. While much of the competition has no problem "supporting" these materials, we think this approach is dishonest, and that it smacks of low reliability standards. As a place to start, we think it's much better to do one thing well than to throw up a laundry list of materials that "sort of work". When we say we support PLA, we mean it actually works every single time. Nothing delaminates, nothing cracks, and the support material actually sticks. That said, as long as the extrusion temperature is below 240ºC, you're welcome to try other materials!

Is there any setup/assembly/calibration at all to do when my printer arrives?
Almost none. You have to attach the spool holders and filament guides, which should take about two minutes, and you have to set the first layer height. This is done by printing a supplied test pattern, and adjusting the first layer thickness set screw until it is correct. We set this correctly before testing and shipping each printer, but we find that it often comes out of kilter in shipping. All told, you should be up and printing in about ten to fifteen minutes.

I want to order a printer but I'm worried about support in case something goes wrong.
While we're very proud of the 3D printer we've engineered, we know better than to promise that nothing will ever go wrong. We'll have a thorough support site and fast email support to make sure that all customers are more than taken care of!

How much is shipping to my country?
Shipping to Western Europe starts at about $400 and depends on the weight and distance of your shipment. Shipping to Asia is generally around $1000, though we're working on getting this down. If you're concerned about keeping costs down, we suggest buying filament from a source closer to home. And as we begin distributor relationships, shipping and customs fees will decrease, so stay tuned!

Will the printer work at the voltage in my country? How can I get a power cord that works?
Our power supplies can run at 115 V or 230 V. We'll automatically set at what we think is appropriate based on your shipping address, and will send you a power cord for your country. If you would like something else (for example, if you live in Europe but want a Japanese power cord), please email us.

Do you have a distributor in my country/region?
We've had distributor interest from all over the world and will be working to get these relationships up and running in the coming months. We'll be announcing these as they are ready on our blog and mailing list, so be sure to sign up on our homepage!

Didn't you used to have 3 mm filament?
Yes. Our new dual extruder printhead uses 1.75, so that's what we sell now. Don't worry; if you ordered 3 mm for your Isis One, we'll automatically swap it out with 1.75 for you.

Will you have other colors of filament?
Yes, we're working on finding a supplier with colors we like. Stay tuned!

My company wants to be a distributor for you.
Great! We'd love to talk about it. Please email us some information about your company and your sales estimates at sales at

Where are you located?

Got a question we didn't answer? Check the tech specs page, or email us at info at