About Us

We've closed the gap between "consumer" and "pro".

Founded in 2012 by two University of Chicago alumni, Isis3D is a research and development lab committed to creating 3D printers that are simultaneously accessible to all and incredibly powerful.

After building our own RepRap-style 3D printer, we were struck both by its huge potential and by how much it had fallen short. It was a terrible execution of a brilliant idea. The world needed an affordable and accessible machine whose print quality and reliability made it actually useful. Only then could the next industrial revolution begin.

We are proud to introduce the Isis One, a desktop 3D printer that fully closes the gap between unreliable "consumer" and prohibitively expensive "pro" 3D printers. Rigorously engineered from scratch, it features precision-aligned dual extruders for soluble support, fully professional print quality, unprecedented reliability, and advanced capabilities that make it desirable to professionals in engineering, design, and architecture. Going forward, Isis will marry cutting edge technology with fantastic design, constantly pushing back the frontier of 3D printing technologies. It's an exhilarating ride, and we've only just begun.

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